Ahoy! Avast me hearties, land lubbers and scabborous dogs! Since 2010, "The Plunder Doggs" have been performing and entertaining at events all across the United States. Our crew is made up of professional musicians and singers, with a combined 50 years of festival experience. We combine sailing songs, sea shanties and pirate songs, with traditional Irish and Celtic music. Comedy and story-telling are an important part of our performances and all of the humor is "family friendly", unless we are performing at a PG or R Rated Pub Sing. Most performances include a crew of three performers. However, we can expand the crew to include additional musicians, for a total of five performers. Some of our previous presenters include; 

*Great Lakes Medieval Faire - Rock Creek, OH

*Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival - West newton, PA

*Wild Rose Renaissance Faire - Columbus, PA

​*Evangola Pirate Fest - Angola, NY

*Sarasota Medieval Faire - Sarasota, FL

*Cleveland Tall Ships Festival - Cleveland, OH

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Our Crew

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"Droolin' Jack" Porter

Vincent Polowy - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion,

Bad Jokes, Blue Water, Bad Attitude, Dog Biscuits

"Mad Molly" Marrowbone

Jennifer Walker - Vocals, Bodhran, Percussion,

Eggs, Bells, Sports Tape, Stripes

"Happy Harry" McMerkin

Paul Kirk Jr. - Fiddle, Feet, Spiritual Guide